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Factors Affecting The Cost Of Car Key Replacement

Losing your car keys is a frustrating experience. It not only immobilizes you, it also makes you vulnerable to burglars. Your best option in this situation is to visit your car dealer or go to an automobile locksmith. One of the main concerns when seeking a car key replacement service is the price. Here are some factors that will affect the cost of replacing your car keys.

Type of Car Key

One of the most critical factors determining the cost of replacing your car keys is the model of your car. The key blank you need depends on your car model. In many cases, the brand of the key blank you require will cost the same as the blanks for other average car models. 

However, the cost will be much more for luxurious cars. Moreover, different car keys have different features. These features will also affect the cost of replacement. For example, keys with features like Bluetooth, tracker, and mirror folding will cost more than standard car keys.


Another critical factor that affects the cost of car key replacement is location. Locksmiths and dealers price their services based on the standard rate in the area. Therefore, if you live in a metropolitan area, you will pay a higher price for a replacement than in other parts of the country. You should get quotes from small neighboring towns to determine the average price for car key replacement. This will help you find a service provider whose charges are within your budget limit.

Dealership Versus Locksmith

Many people prefer getting car key replacements from their car dealer. One of the main reasons is that the keys are genuine. The dealership will cut the keys without your presence because they have all the information about your vehicle. 

However, car dealers charge higher than other duplication service providers. Locksmiths also produce accurate keys, but their charges are more affordable than dealership costs. 

The Duplication Machine

Key duplication varies depending on the duplication machine used. The duplication machine is a significant cost factor because it determines how long it will take to make a duplicate key. Also, the machine determines the precision of the key cut. If key duplication takes more time, the cost of a replacement key will be higher. Additionally, the price for precise key cuts is higher than for less accurate cuts.

For more information about getting a car key replacement, reach out to a local locksmith.