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3 Ways To Entertain The Kids While You Wait For The Locksmith To Come To Let You Back In Your House

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Getting locked out of your house is one thing, getting locked out of your house with whining, bored children is quite another. Keeping your kids entertained while they wait to get back in the house can be a real feat, but there are things you can do to keep everyone occupied. Here are 3 things you can do to entertain the kids while waiting for the locksmith. Clean out the car If you are lucky enough to have your car keys, assign every little one a spot to clean in the car. One child can be responsible for picking up paper garbage, another snack foods. As a family, clean out the entire car (even the trunk) and you can have a clean ride when your locksmith shows up. If your car and house keys are both locked in the house, then you can still wash the car as a family with the garden hose if the weather is warm enough. If not, have your children pick up sticks and leaves in the driveway instead of cleaning the car. Even simple chores give your children something to focus on and a feeling of helpful accomplishment when they are done, which is beneficial for everyone. Look for ways in Older children can press against windows to see if they will slide open so a younger child can slip through. Some rooms, such as the laundry room, have the windows open to allow air to ventilate all the time and are rarely shut. Allow the children to see if they can figure out a way to get back in the house on their own- you just may be surprised what they come up with! As a bonus, how kids sneak in is often how they sneak out so keep an eye on their maneuvers for future preventative parenting. Order delivery food If your family is hungry, order some pizza or Chinese delivery while you wait in your driveway for the locksmith to arrive. Just because you’re locked out doesn’t mean you can’t have an outdoor picnic. Besides, once the locksmith finally does arrive and you can shuttle your kids into the house, you won’t have the energy to cook, anyway. As a tip you can offer the locksmith a slice of pizza or an egg roll. Getting locked out of your house when you have kids can feel like torture. On the plus side, the wait for the locksmith gives you an opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids, or at least figure out which window they’d be most likely to sneak out of in the future. For more information on being locked out, contact a company like Broadway Locksmith...

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The Function Of Transponder Keys

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Technology is constantly evolving and it is infused in nearly every industry. This is especially true in the world of automobiles. Not only are vehicles outfitted with the most technologically advanced parts, but innovation is also used to make simple tasks like starting the engine simpler. Transponder keys are something that new car owners need to become familiar with. If you have a newer model of any type of vehicle from almost all the major manufactures, chances are you have a transponder key. It is important that you understand how this key is different from other options. Transmitted Signal There is a transmitter in the key that produces a signal when it is near the receiver. The transmitter within the key is then used to transmit a signal that is only detectable when the key is put into the key switch. This is due to the placement of receiver that is put in position near the ignition switch. The signal that is transmitted can reach the receiver and the key is detected. Keys of the past did not have the ability to transmit any type of signal, which is what makes a transponder key so different in design and function. The Function The main reason that many of the car manufacturers in the world have decided to produce transponder keys for vehicles, is to heighten security. Transponder keys are common in some of the most popular and luxurious models of new vehicles. This means that these vehicles are at risk of theft, but a transponder key can be used to reduce this risk substantially. When a vehicle is outfitted with a transponder key, it is difficult for it to be hot wired. This means that a signal is required for the car to start and without this signal, it is impossible to start the engine. If you do not have the transponder key, you can’t move the vehicle. Even copied versions of a transponder key can’t be used to start the engine. Only the actual transponder key made by the manufacturer of the vehicle can transmit the needed signal. Car theft in vehicles with transponder keys is reduced as a result. Remote Car Starters A transponder key is different from a remote car starter. Remote car starters rely on hot wiring technology to start the engine. This is different than how a transponder key functions. The only way that a vehicle with a transponder key will start is if the signal from the key is detected by the receiver near the ignition switch....

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Protecting Your Business With Restricted Keyways

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As a small business owner, security should be a top priority. If you have additional keyholders for your business, you need to have the peace of mind that none of them are able to duplicate your business keys. If you’ve been looking at your security options, you might want to consider the possibility of using restricted keyways for your locks. Here’s a look at the basics of these locks. What Are Restricted Keyways? Restricted keyways are those lock tumbler and key sets that are access-restricted. Keys for these locks can only be accessed by the person who initially ordered them. When you invest in restricted keyways for your company, you have complete control over how and why any duplicate keys are produced. How Are They Secured? When you first invest in the restricted keyway, you’ll order a lock tumbler for every door that you are securing. You can get one for every exterior door, and you may even want them for your office or record-keeping space. Once you’ve ordered the initial set of locks and key blanks, you’ll have to follow specific steps to get access to duplicate keys. When you order a duplicate key for these locks, you have to present an authorization card to the locksmith. That authorization card is created with your first order and supplied with the locks. The card is intended to show the locksmith that you are the one who ordered the locks initially. He or she will ask for identification, because they need to match the signature on the card and ensure that it is, in fact, yours. Once the locksmith confirms your identity and authorization for the keys, he or she will contact the lock manufacturer for key blanks. Once the locksmith receives the delivery of the blank keys that fit your locks, he or she can then produce your key. As an alternative, you can contact the manufacturer directly and provide them with the serial number that appears on your key. They will then validate your identity and ship the duplicate key to you. Are They Vulnerable to Other Methods? While restricted keyways may not be reinforced to be resistant to brute force, they are protected from unauthorized access through bump keys. Bump keys require the proper blank key for the lock system in order to work properly. Since access to those blanks is regulated, you shouldn’t have to worry about a bump key giving an intruder access to your building. For more information, contact The Lock Shop or a similar...

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Why Your Company Might Need New Commercial Door Locks

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If you’re a business owner, then profit maximization is most likely one of the corporate goals that you’re hoping to achieve each year. This usually involves managing your financial resources efficiently by minimizing operational expenses. While operational expenses certainly need to be controlled, there’s another type of non-recurring expenses on which you need to keep your eyes, such as the losses related to theft. This is precisely why you need to make sure that your merchandise items are well protected when you close your company’s doors at night. Unlike what most business owners think, investing a lot of money in security systems doesn’t guarantee that your products won’t be stolen. This article discusses a few reasons why you need to install new commercial door locks. Certain staff members have been dismissed Every time a staff member is fired, they are usually asked to hand back their keys. However, you must consider the fact that the individual may have made duplicates while they were still employed. Though this may have been a harmless precautionary measure on their part, you must still consider the safety of your company. You don’t know where those duplicates are or how many copies were made. Therefore, it is probably best to change the locks of your commercial doors by hiring a local locksmith from companies like ARC Locksmith Service. Regardless of the circumstances that led to the dismissal of the employee, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your locks have been replaced. Change your locks on an annual basis Changing your commercial door locks on an annual basis is another way to minimize the risks that products might be stolen. As you may know, there are different people who need to access your company each year to deliver a service, such as plumbers or electricians. While such professionals are required to abide by ethical rules that govern their industry, you must be proactive and have your locks replaced on a yearly basis. You may choose anytime during the year to request the replacement, such as on your birthday or during the Christmas season when your staff is on vacation. The consequences of theft are usually far more important than the financial losses that are headlined. No one can measure the negative impact that the bad publicity caused by such an event will have on the future of your company. To limit your chances of experiencing theft, make sure you change your locks...

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How To Protect Individual Rooms And Computers Throughout Your Building

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Keeping people out of your building can be difficult when some individuals pose as clients. To protect your building effectively, you also need to focus on securing individual rooms and computers. By taking the opportunity to look through a variety of access control systems, you can choose the appropriate options for protecting very sensitive information that is essential for your company’s continuing success. Card Readers For offices, you need to limit access when your employees are out to lunch or gone for the day. One of the easiest ways to do this is to install card readers at the entrance of each office. The employee and management can unlock the doors with a swipe that contains information such as the name and job description of the employee. Some card reader systems can log the information into an internal computer system. The system stores data such as the exact time, date and person that entered a room. Since this type of system does not rely on a key that someone can copy, it makes it harder for unwanted people to access the offices in your building. You can also use the same cards for the entrances of your building and you have the ability to issue temporary cards to clients when they have meetings with your employees. Biometric Products Biometric locks are another beneficial product your company can utilize. These locks protect different areas around your business, though the most common spaces will be individual rooms. You can use biometric locks for computer server rooms, laboratories or for management offices. You also have the ability to use biometric products to control access to a single computer. The most common ones use a fingerprint, which allows an authorized user to access the files stored on the computer. However, you have the ability to choose the fingerprint that the scanner uses such as the thumb, forefinger or pinkie to help protect your system further. Advanced biometric products require a retinal scan for doors to unlock, which means a camera captures an image of the eye and compares it to the ones on file. The image of an individual’s eye is just as unique as a fingerprint, but it is much harder to duplicate. This option is more expensive, but when your company houses a large laboratory filled with very expensive equipment, you may want to consider this option. When you are thinking about increasing your company’s security system, you must protect individual spaces as well as the whole building. Many of these products make it difficult for unwanted guests to leave your building with important company information. However, before you purchase and install these items, it is best to consult a company that has extensive experience with access control systems, so they can help you install the best ones for your company. To learn more about access control systems, contact a company like Midwest Lock &...

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