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Reasons Your Company Should Have An Access Control System

Every company needs to be proactive when it comes to security matters. Don't cling to traditional security systems while other companies invest in upgrades. Hiring a locksmith to install an access control system is a step in the right direction. Here are several reasons why your company should have an access control system.

Remote Control

Business owners should have control over all the locks in business premises. It gets even better if you can control the locks remotely. Well, that's precisely what an access control system delivers. You can control the locks from a smart device or computer. So, if you want to lock down an entire building due to suspicious activity, you'll just use your phone or tablet. Additionally, you can allow someone to access a specific room without necessarily being present.

Increased Automation

Did you know that an access control system can help automate the most basic operations in your business? You can have the locksmith set the doors to open in the morning and lock in the evening when everyone goes home. Besides, these settings can be synchronized with your HVAC system so that your ACs and furnaces will start running once the doors open in the morning and shut down once the doors lock. 

Minimize Employee Theft

As much as you trust your workers, you still need systems to hinder employee theft. If you don't have the right security systems, you'll often have missing products from your company. And it would be sad to realize that some employees are responsible for the theft. Luckily, an access control system can help minimize theft. Your locksmith will program the system to prohibit workers from accessing the premises during off-hours. 

No More Re-Keying

Most businesses spend a lot of cash on re-keying services. Some companies will re-key their locks more times every year. Maybe you have fired some of your workers, but they didn't return their keys, or someone has lost their keys. So, instead of setting aside a budget for re-keying your locks, you should install an access control system. An access control system can restrict people from accessing your premises without necessarily changing the locks.

Better Tracking

Access control systems can help business owners track their employees. You don't need to be physically present to monitor their habits. You only need to rely on the ACS logs to track them. So, if you want to know whether employees report to work late and leave earlier than stipulated, you'll just need to check the logs. 

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