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Tips For Maintaining Commercial Automatic Operated Doors

Automatic doors offer several additions to businesses, including increased accessibility and convenience for customers. However, to maintain these benefits, you must also be sure to maintain the doors. Fortunately, with a commitment to maintenance, this goal is achievable. Learn more about what you can do to keep your automatic door operational.

Sensor Inspections

Make it a point to perform sensor inspections routinely. Automatically operated doors open and close primarily based on the function of their sensor. If the sensor is unable to detect the motion of customers as they walk up to the door, it will not open. If the sensor is bumped or moved out of position, the door may not open or close properly, as well. Ensuring the sensor is clear of debris and properly connected can help you avoid these sorts of issues. 

Track Cleaning

For an automatic door to open and close correctly, it must be able to glide along the door track without resistance. Any resistance will slow the rate that the door functions and possibly increase wear on the motor, which can lead to further issues. Track cleaning should be performed periodically to ensure there is not any debris obstructing the doors' path, such as excessive dust, rocks, or other large items that do not belong.

Component Lubrication

Any moving part that is a part of the door system should also be lubricated occasionally, including any latches, locks, and hinges. If these systems are not lubricated, it will cause friction around these moving parts that can, in turn, make it more difficult for the door to open and close properly. Too much friction can also damage these components. Speak with a door professional for assistance with which products to use and how to perform this step.

Door Panel Inspection

Make it a point to routinely inspect the door panels. Primarily, you want to look for any imperfections in the door panels that can prevent it from moving along the track properly, as even a small dent can make it impossible for the door to close fully. This step is especially important if your business utilizes shopping carts, as the carts could hit the door and, eventually, cause dents and dings that prevent the door from operating correctly. 

Should you run into an issue with the function of an automatic door, or you have questions about the addition of a door, be sure to contact a professional automatic-operated door installation service for assistance.