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Things To Know About Mortise Locks

Feeling safe at home is something that everyone deserves to enjoy, but it isn't always the case. Even when living in the most luxurious neighborhood, a homeowner can become the victim of burglary or worse. Sometimes criminals purposely target homes that are luxurious in an effort to rob the homeowners of valuables that can be sold for a cash profit. Being that doors are commonly used by criminals for breaking into homes, such as by picking door locks, it is wise to make it as difficult for them to achieve as possible. A nice option to consider installing on your interior and exterior doors is a mortise lock, as it is worth the investment.

Mortise Locks Are Secure

If you have doors that will likely be easy for a criminal to get into if they attempt to do so, mortise locks might be the right choice for you. The locks are highly secure and will make weak doors more difficult to break into, whether it be kicking them in or picking the lock. Another security feature of the locks is that they are installed directly on the door, and you can't open the door without a key being used. For instance, even if you want to open a door from the inside of your house, a key must be used to do so. Basically, there are usually not doorknobs on doors that use such a model of mortise lock.

Can Be Used for Various Needs

What makes mortise locks worth investing in is that they can be used in a variety of ways based on your specific needs. For instance, if you are someone who has an office at home that you don't want other people having easy access to, a mortise lock can satisfy your goal. Once you have locked your office door, only those who have given a key to access it will be able to enter. Another good use for a mortise lock is for placement on a door that stores dangerous weapons such as guns, which is wise when there are young children living in a house.

The Price of Installation

You should expect mortise locks to cost more than some of the common types that are installed on doors, but it is worth the investment. Basically, mortise locks can cost several hundred dollars to install. The reason why is because you are paying for the lock and the labor that is involved with professional installation.

Reach out to a local locksmith to get started with your mortise lock installation.