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Worried That Your Kids Will Lock Themselves Out? 4 Ways To Prepare For The Inevitable

If you've got school-aged kids who let themselves in after school, it's just a matter of time before they lock themselves out. If you're at work, you might not be able to get home to let them in right away. Unfortunately, that could leave them outside alone for a while. Advanced preparation is the easiest way to prevent those extended waiting periods outside. Here are some simple suggestions that will get your kids in the house quickly the next time they lock themselves out.

Hide a Spare Key in Their Backpack

If your kids carry a backpack, they've got the perfect place to carry a spare key – in addition to the one they normally carry on them. Tie a piece of elastic through the hole in the top of the housekey. Sew one end of the elastic to the bottom of the backpack – on the inside. The elastic will allow the key to be extended for use, but will keep it safely attached to the backpack, which will prevent loss.

Bury a Key in the Yard

If your kids don't carry backpacks, or you don't want to leave a spare key in their backpacks, bury a spare in the yard. Place a spare key in a resealable plastic baggie or plastic storage container. Dig a small hole near the back door and place the container inside. Set a stepping stone over the hole. The key will be safe and secure until your kids need to use it.

Leave a Key with the Neighbors

If you don't like the idea of burying your housekey in the yard, leave it with a trusted neighbor. This will ensure that your kids are able to get inside the home, and it will also ensure that the key is kept in a safe location for your kids to use. An added benefit of leaving a spare housekey with the neighbor is that they'll be able to access your home in an emergency.

Install a Keyless Entry System

If you're ready to eliminate lockouts altogether, it's time to talk to your locksmith about keyless entry systems. Unlike traditional locks that require keys, keyless entry systems rely on alpha-numeric codes, magnetic keycards, or biometric identification, such as thumbprints. Once you have a keyless entry system, your kids will never lock themselves out of the house again. That is, unless they forget the code. However, if that happens, they just need to call you for a reminder. Call a locksmith, like Migoley Stephen K, for more help.