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Things You Must Do Before Getting Locked Out Of Your Home Or Vehicle

Have you ever considered what would happen if you got locked out of your vehicle or home? Would you even know what to do in that situation? Being locked out can be a difficult and scary experience, depending on where the situation occurs. But with some forethought and planning, losing your keychain doesn't have to be a disaster. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

Make duplicate keys: If you've been stalling making extra keys, now is a good time to make them. Have a set of keys made for each friend or relative that you trust, plus hide an extra set somewhere in your own home. If your vehicle has keys with a transponder on them, this advice may make you hesitate due to the expensive dealer prices. Fortunately, a locksmith may be able to give you a better price on duplicate keys than the dealership can. The dealership has significant overhead and many employees to pay, while locksmiths often work out of relatively small locations and have just a few employees. As a result, the cost to have them duplicate your car keys may be much less than you were expecting.

Keep an unused bus pass in your wallet: If your city has a system that allows you to purchase a bus or train pass ahead of time and use it in a month or a year from now, do so. If you wind up locked out of your vehicle in an unsavory neighborhood, you may not want to have to wait there for the locksmith as evening arrives. Even if you don't have duplicate keys, a bus pass can enable you to get to a safe location, such as a friend's house or a store or restaurant that is open 24 hours. Once morning comes, you can go back to your vehicle and call the locksmith then. Having a pass in your wallet means that you won't have to deal with trying to find somewhere to get cash for the bus or paying a potentially high cab fare.

Set aside emergency money: It's not always easy to budget for emergencies, but it's essential for you to do so if you are prone to bouts of forgetfulness. Call your local locksmith companies to find out what they might charge for a house call or a call to open your vehicle at your workplace. Once you know, start saving up money towards that fee and don't spend it. Otherwise, if you do get locked out, you may be forced to choose between calling a locksmith or buying groceries for the week. Having money set aside will prevent a small incident like losing your keys from turning into a near-disaster financially.