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Preparing For A Home Lockout The Second Time

Your absolutely best bet for making sure that you don't end up getting locked out of your house again, if it's already happened to you once, is a little preparation this time. Here are some options for preparing for when an accident occurs and you're locked out again the next time.

Digital Options

The first thing you can do is store your house key's digital data somewhere online. That way, all you need is a smartphone in order to gain access to the home. Or, alternatively, you can store the data on a kiosk nearby. That way, not only can you get a spare when you go, but you can print out another one if you need to at any point that you're locked out.

Some services allow you to send print requests from your phone as well. So, as long as you have your phone on you, then you'll be able to get a key printed and sent to whatever location you choose. This can be an effective way to prevent potential lockouts.

Electronic Locks

If you forget your house key, or lock it inside the house, if you have any of the doors in your house working on a digital lock, you can still open the door. Most electronic locks have the option to use a regular mechanical key, a phone, or a fob to open. This means that it's a good idea to go with these types of locks if you're worried about lockouts from leaving keys behind.

Some electronic locks will just open when you get near them if you have a phone or fob on you. You can also often just hit a button on your phone to open the lock.

Key Locations

Another effective approach is to find an actual secure case to store spare keys. For example, it's safer to put spare keys near your house if they are secured with a combination lock inside of a metal box that's bolted down somewhere then it is to do it by just trying to hide keys around your yard underneath various trees, rocks, and other places.

Alternatively, you could give the spare keys to a friend in order to get them to help you whenever you lock yourself out. That way, all you need to do is have them drive down to your house and hand you the key when there's a problem instead of having to break into your own house. 

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