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How To Monitor Your Child's Babysitter On Your Smartphone

Every once in awhile there's another news story of how a nanny cam has caught a babysitter abusing children, stealing from the home, or participating in improper behavior with others while you are out. The use of security cameras to monitor the activities of babysitters is a growing trend in the U.S. and it helps parents know their children and property is being well taken care of while they are gone from the house. Here is how you can set up a security system to monitor the behavior of a babysitter watching your children in your home. 

Choosing Camera Type

There are many different styles of cameras you can choose to use. Some cameras are built into a fireplace mantel clock and others are stuffed inside toys you can place on a shelf. You should choose a camera that fits into the room and the babysitter won't notice. If the babysitter knows they are being watched, they may move away out of the sight line of the camera before they do something you might not approve of them doing.

You should also set a number of different cameras around the house so you can keep an eye on the things happening in different rooms in the house.

WiFi Capable Camera

If you want to view live feeds from the cameras while you are away from home, you'll have to make sure you purchase a camera that has WiFi capabilities. The WiFi allows the camera to connect directly to the internet. You can then access the cameras through the Internet connection. This will be a secured connection that you will need a password to access. You will choose the password used to make the connection. 

Monitoring Service

You need to subscribe to a monitoring service to access the camera through your smartphone. The monitoring service establishes a signal with the cameras in your home and sends that signal to you. The monitoring service will typically have a range of cameras you can purchase that is compatible with their software and system.

Monitoring Software

You will be giving an app by the monitoring service for you to download software on your smartphone. The software allows you to access the internet monitoring system site as long as the smartphone has access to an internet connection. You want to make sure the software gives you the ability to be able to record both video and sound in case something happens that you have to show to the police or a lawyer.

Legal Considerations

Some municipalities do not allow you to record other people without their permission. You should check the laws in your community to make sure you don't violate any of them and end up in legal trouble yourself. You also shouldn't film in areas like the bathroom where a babysitter would normally expect complete privacy as that can also get you into trouble.

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