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3 Indications You Need to Upgrade Your Business's Locks

Between managing inventory, managing your staff and the host of other operational responsibilities that go along with running a successful business, facility upkeep can often get overlooked. Make sure you aren't making this mistake. This is an especially important statement when it comes to your locks. Locking systems are long lasting, but there does come a point when it's time to consider a replacement. Here are just some of the scenarios when you need to replace your locks.  


Take a few moments to examine the physical condition of your locks, particularly those that are exposed to the outside. If you notice any signs of rust along the surface, it's time for a replacement. Where there is rusting there is also deterioration.

As the metal surfaces of a lock start to break down, the lock loses much of its integrity, making it easier to pick or completely destroy. More troubling is that should a faulty lock be the reason for a break-in, your insurance claim could be denied or financially impacted, in a negative way.

Recent Break-In

In cases of theft were there was no damage to the door or lock, some business owners don't consider it necessary to replace their locking systems. This is a bad idea. Although the intruder may have used a window or some other point of entry to get inside, this doesn't mean your locks are secure.

While inside, the intruder could have easily gained access to a spare key you had stored away. This key will serve as nothing shy of a welcome sign for them to return. After any incident of theft, it's best to change all your locks as a preventive measure.

Equipment Upgrades

As a business evolves and expands, this often requires that business owners also expand the equipment and technology they use to operate. If you've recently made significant equipment upgrades in your business, it's time to consider also upgrading your locks, or at the very least having a locksmith come out and perform a security inspection.

The more valuable the contents of your building, the more secure the locking system needs to be. This might even be a good time to upgrade to a biometric locking system to give you greater control over who has access to the building.

A commercial locksmith won't just help you with the replacement of your locks, but they can also assist you with choosing the right option to ensure your business is more secure. Learn more at resources like