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Securing Your Home With Better Locks

Your doors and windows are your home's first line of defense against intruders. Therefore, you want to do your best to make sure they are as secure as possible. The information provided below will help you determine whether or not your doors and windows are as secure as they should be. If not, you should have a professional locksmith come out to make changes for you. 

Check your windows

Go around the outside of your house and check each window. You want to try to open the window from the outside. Also, put a hand on each side of the window and try to rock the window. If there is movement, then a potential intruder may be able to rock it off the frame to gain entry into your house. Screens that are in good condition are also a plus.

You will also want to go around the inside of your house and look at the windows individually. Having a locking latch is a good start. However, each window should also have a secondary lock to ensure its security.

Check your sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors can pose a real risk to the security of your home. An experienced burglar can pop a sliding door off the trach quickly and quietly. If your sliding glass door only has a basic lock at the handle, then it can be easily broken into. Until you can get a locksmith out to help you have a more secure locking system installed, you can purchase locks you will screw into the top and bottom of the frame.

Check your outside doors

All the doors that lead to the outside should have a locking doorknob and a deadbolt. The deadbolt will make it much more difficult for a potential intruder to be able to get through the door. Also, it can help to have a security screen installed that has a second deadbolt.

If you like to leave your doors open during the day, then a security screen is a great way for you to be able to enjoy the fresh air while still being able to keep your home protected.

Any time you are concerned about the security of the locks around your home, you should call out a professional locksmith. They can come out and give you a lot of information on ways you can make your doors and windows more secure. They can also install deadbolts or other types of locks to help you.