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The Function Of Transponder Keys

Technology is constantly evolving and it is infused in nearly every industry. This is especially true in the world of automobiles. Not only are vehicles outfitted with the most technologically advanced parts, but innovation is also used to make simple tasks like starting the engine simpler. Transponder keys are something that new car owners need to become familiar with. If you have a newer model of any type of vehicle from almost all the major manufactures, chances are you have a transponder key. It is important that you understand how this key is different from other options.

Transmitted Signal

There is a transmitter in the key that produces a signal when it is near the receiver. The transmitter within the key is then used to transmit a signal that is only detectable when the key is put into the key switch. This is due to the placement of receiver that is put in position near the ignition switch. The signal that is transmitted can reach the receiver and the key is detected. Keys of the past did not have the ability to transmit any type of signal, which is what makes a transponder key so different in design and function.

The Function

The main reason that many of the car manufacturers in the world have decided to produce transponder keys for vehicles, is to heighten security. Transponder keys are common in some of the most popular and luxurious models of new vehicles. This means that these vehicles are at risk of theft, but a transponder key can be used to reduce this risk substantially.

When a vehicle is outfitted with a transponder key, it is difficult for it to be hot wired. This means that a signal is required for the car to start and without this signal, it is impossible to start the engine. If you do not have the transponder key, you can't move the vehicle. Even copied versions of a transponder key can't be used to start the engine. Only the actual transponder key made by the manufacturer of the vehicle can transmit the needed signal. Car theft in vehicles with transponder keys is reduced as a result.

Remote Car Starters

A transponder key is different from a remote car starter. Remote car starters rely on hot wiring technology to start the engine. This is different than how a transponder key functions. The only way that a vehicle with a transponder key will start is if the signal from the key is detected by the receiver near the ignition switch.