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How To Protect Individual Rooms And Computers Throughout Your Building

Keeping people out of your building can be difficult when some individuals pose as clients. To protect your building effectively, you also need to focus on securing individual rooms and computers. By taking the opportunity to look through a variety of access control systems, you can choose the appropriate options for protecting very sensitive information that is essential for your company's continuing success.

Card Readers

For offices, you need to limit access when your employees are out to lunch or gone for the day. One of the easiest ways to do this is to install card readers at the entrance of each office.

The employee and management can unlock the doors with a swipe that contains information such as the name and job description of the employee. Some card reader systems can log the information into an internal computer system. The system stores data such as the exact time, date and person that entered a room.

Since this type of system does not rely on a key that someone can copy, it makes it harder for unwanted people to access the offices in your building. You can also use the same cards for the entrances of your building and you have the ability to issue temporary cards to clients when they have meetings with your employees.

Biometric Products

Biometric locks are another beneficial product your company can utilize. These locks protect different areas around your business, though the most common spaces will be individual rooms. You can use biometric locks for computer server rooms, laboratories or for management offices.

You also have the ability to use biometric products to control access to a single computer. The most common ones use a fingerprint, which allows an authorized user to access the files stored on the computer. However, you have the ability to choose the fingerprint that the scanner uses such as the thumb, forefinger or pinkie to help protect your system further.

Advanced biometric products require a retinal scan for doors to unlock, which means a camera captures an image of the eye and compares it to the ones on file. The image of an individual's eye is just as unique as a fingerprint, but it is much harder to duplicate. This option is more expensive, but when your company houses a large laboratory filled with very expensive equipment, you may want to consider this option.

When you are thinking about increasing your company's security system, you must protect individual spaces as well as the whole building. Many of these products make it difficult for unwanted guests to leave your building with important company information. However, before you purchase and install these items, it is best to consult a company that has extensive experience with access control systems, so they can help you install the best ones for your company.

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