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Keeping Your Small Business Safe

If you own a small business, it is important to put security measures in place so you are not at risk for robbery. Smaller businesses are targets because they usually do not have security guards on site to stop theft from occurring. Here are some tips you can use to help keep your own business safer against robbery.

Adding Electronics

Having an alarm system inside your building can be a great help in deterring robbers from gaining entry. Many thieves will case out a business before attempting to come back to rob it. If they notice an alarm system, they may bypass your establishment and move on to an easier target. Placing alarm system signs on the property or in the window can also get the word out that your business is protected, making it much less vulnerable to robbery.

Placing surveillance cameras on the property is another way to keep thieves away. Even dummy cameras with blinking lights can scare away amateur thieves. Place them far from view so they cannot be analyzed up close by people posing as customers.

Keeping It Lit

Never leave your business in the dark when you leave for the day. Always leave a few lights on inside the building to help keep robbers from being able to get inside unseen. Motion detecting lights outdoors can catch thieves off-guard and will cause them to run away rather than try to get inside.

Keep your doorways well-lit so people passing by will be able to alert police if they notice anyone hanging around outside your business during off-hours. Switch the lights you have on inside the building each night so that there is no apparent pattern, making it difficult for thieves to determine which way in would be best.

Having The Right Locks

Have a locksmith install locks that are hard to pick or break. Consider placing locks that cannot be opened from the inside without a key. This will keep thieves from being able to get inside if they break a glass window next to the door. Many times a thief will break this window and slide their arm through the hole to open the door from the inside.

Have the locksmith, like those from Irvine Lock & Key, install locks that have a longer switch plate screw so that the door will not be able to be kicked in easily. Installing card reader locks can also keep out thieves. Having more than one lock on each door is another way to keep thieves guessing.