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When It Might Be Time To Rekey Your Car

Car keys are such an everyday item that keeping them safe can be an afterthought. There are scenarios where having your key locks replaced might be a good idea. If someone else might have keys to your car and can steal this or your valuables, rekeying should be given some thought. If you have had one of these four scenarios happen to you, you might want to think about rekeying your car.

1. If Your House Has Been Broken Into

If your house as been broken into, make sure that your spare car keys aren't missing. If thieves may have taken your spare keys, it might be worth it to look into car key replacement. Reprogramming key fobs can be expensive, but is worth it if you tend to keep valuables in your car. In the future, try to keep spare keys in a hidden, secure place.

2. If You Bought Your Car at Auction or Private Sale

Cars sold at county auction can be sold in the same community as the previous owner. Don't forget that previous owners may want their car back and may still have a key. Another issue is buying a car privately from an individual and not a dealership. Besides not knowing the true history of your car, you might not know who else has keys to it in your community.

3. If the Spare Key You Hide in Your Car Goes Missing

If you keep a spare key in a hidden magnet container, in your trunk, or in your glove compartment, this is not very safe. If you purchase a car used, make sure to check that no spare keys have been left in hidden magnet compartments or in the owner's manual. If you realize down the line that your spare key is missing, you should probably rekey your car.

4.  If Your Ex Won't Return Your Keys

It can be common to change house keys after a bad break up, especially if you don't trust your ex. Don't forget about your car as well, if they might have a key to this too. If you have an ex that you are concerned about and may steal your car or valuables, be sure to stay safe and have your car rekeyed.

Sometimes it isn't worth the risk if your car keys are in the hands of those that shouldn't have them. If you are worried that someone else out there with ill intentions might have a copy of your car keys, car key replacement is worth it to have a fresh start that is safe for you and your car. Contact a professional like Johnny Locksmith to get started.