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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Try To Break Into Your Own Home

If you have found yourself locked out of your own home, you might have thought about trying to break in yourself. It might seem easy to try to pop open a lock or break a window, but it's best to hire a good locksmith to help you instead. These are a few of the main reasons why you shouldn't try to break into your own home when you find yourself locked out.

1. You Could Wind Up Dealing With Law Enforcement

If a police officer drives by and sees you breaking your window or attempting to break into your door, you can expect for him or her to stop and ask you what you are doing. Although you probably don't have to worry about being arrested if you can prove that you are breaking into your own home, this can be time-consuming and a bit embarrassing. To avoid issues with local law enforcement, it's typically best to leave this type of job up to a professional locksmith.

2. You Might Cause Expensive Property Damage

One reason you might be thinking about breaking into your own home is because you might think that hiring a locksmith is expensive. However, you should know that the potential property damage that you will be doing to your home will probably cost you a whole lot more. Having a standard double-hung window installed will probably cost you about $350 if you include both the purchase price and installation charge, for example, so you can probably save money by hiring a locksmith instead.

3. You Could Pose a Security Threat for Your Home

Breaking into your home might seem like the easiest way to gain access, and it very well might be. However, it can also make it easy for other people to gain access to your home. If you pry open the door, for example, you will make it much easier for a future burglar to do the same. If you shatter a window, your home might be at risk until you are able to have it replaced. On the other hand, if you hire a locksmith, you can get in without making your home less secure, and you can have the locksmith repair or replace the lock or make other security improvements while he or she is there.

It might be tempting to attempt to do your own work to get into your house when you're locked out, but this generally isn't a smart idea. Instead, hire a good locksmith like Redmond Lock & Key to help you get in the right way.