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Things To Know Before You Need A Locksmith

Are you a homeowner? Do you own your own business? Almost everyone will need the services of a locksmith at some point. Here are some things you should know before that time comes:

Find a reliable and licensed locksmith ahead of time: When you're locked out of your home or business, it can be nearly impossible to make an informed decision about which locksmiths are good and which ones are less reliable. Make sure not to rely on just online reviews to make your choice since a non-reputable locksmith will create fake accounts to post fake positive reviews.

Professional locksmiths will be happy to answer questions about how much they charge for different services. You should also consider visiting their office in person, if possible. If that isn't possible, use online satellite maps or street-level pictures to verify that the address is legitimate.

As with any business, most locksmiths are trustworthy people. However, there are a few who will try to take advantage of people in a desperate situation. This is why it is important to find a reputable licensed locksmith before you actually need one. 

Don't agree to increased fees: Locksmiths should have a standard list of fees available. Be on the lookout for bad employees who increase prices on arrival. If, for example, they tell you that the fee is going to be $50 and then change that to $80 or $100 when they show up, the employee may be trying to get extra money from you without their boss knowing.

Call the locksmith company back and insist on talking to the owner. If the owner and the employee won't budge for whatever reason, call a different locksmith. Although you'll end up waiting longer for the door to open, you also won't be strong-armed into additional inflated fees once the door has been opened.

Avoid drilling the lock: Drilling a lock is usually much more expensive and time consuming for you than having the locksmith pick the lock. Once the lock is drilled, you will have to pay to have another lock installed so that nobody can break in. There are good reasons to have a lock drilled, such as if the key snapped and can't be pulled out of the lock, but it's usually not necessary.

A good locksmith will always try to pick open the lock first, before suggesting more drastic measures. There are very few locks that cannot be opened by a skilled locksmith, so be wary if the he or she claims that this is the only way to get the door open. To learn more, contact a company like LI Locksmiths Inc. with any questions you have.