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3 Aesthetically Pleasing Ways To Keep Your Desk Drawer Secure

One of the most important places to secure in your entire office is your desk drawer, but you also don't want to look like you're working at a prison. It is for these reasons that working your locking drawer into the overall look of your office is a great way to upgrade both your security and your office decor. Here are three options for pulling off this tricky office decor feat. 

Keeping it Antique

Many top CEOs and high-level management professionals like to express their professionalism by owning a venerable old desk made from antiqued wood. A great way to keep this look up while keeping your important papers secure is by installing an antique combination lock. These types of locks are common in old desks from the Old West to Hollywood representations of the White House. The best part about this type of lock is the satisfying "click" that you get when you turn the antiqued tumblers, and it's the perfect finishing touch to a vintage wooden desk. 

Modern Locking Glass Desks

A glass desk is common among younger professionals, but the need to keep everything safe is still very relevant with this style of desk. To keep the sleek look going on your glass top desk, skip the bulky key lock and opt for a push button locking mechanism. Another cool option for a glass top desk is a high-tech electric keypad, which might be expensive, but gives a sleek modern look to any similar looking desk. 

Classic Metal Cabinets

If you're looking for a locking mechanism that will go with any desk, especially metal options, a simple lock and key is the way to go. The classic look fits in anywhere, and can be customized to no end. A sleek half mortise lock is easy to install and avoids taking over the entire front of your desk aesthetically. 

Keeping everything in your desk out of thieving hands is of paramount concern to all office workers. However, you don't want to look like you obviously have something to hide or don't trust your coworkers. For these reasons, choosing a lock that complements your desk while blending in seamlessly should be a major consideration in choosing a desk. Following these three recommendations will put you well on your way to selecting the perfect lock that will look great, keep your things safe, and give off a professional air all your own. Talk to a commercial lock repair specialist for more information.