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3 Ways To Entertain The Kids While You Wait For The Locksmith To Come To Let You Back In Your House

Getting locked out of your house is one thing, getting locked out of your house with whining, bored children is quite another. Keeping your kids entertained while they wait to get back in the house can be a real feat, but there are things you can do to keep everyone occupied. Here are 3 things you can do to entertain the kids while waiting for the locksmith.

Clean out the car

If you are lucky enough to have your car keys, assign every little one a spot to clean in the car. One child can be responsible for picking up paper garbage, another snack foods. As a family, clean out the entire car (even the trunk) and you can have a clean ride when your locksmith shows up.

If your car and house keys are both locked in the house, then you can still wash the car as a family with the garden hose if the weather is warm enough. If not, have your children pick up sticks and leaves in the driveway instead of cleaning the car. Even simple chores give your children something to focus on and a feeling of helpful accomplishment when they are done, which is beneficial for everyone.

Look for ways in

Older children can press against windows to see if they will slide open so a younger child can slip through. Some rooms, such as the laundry room, have the windows open to allow air to ventilate all the time and are rarely shut. Allow the children to see if they can figure out a way to get back in the house on their own- you just may be surprised what they come up with! As a bonus, how kids sneak in is often how they sneak out so keep an eye on their maneuvers for future preventative parenting.

Order delivery food

If your family is hungry, order some pizza or Chinese delivery while you wait in your driveway for the locksmith to arrive. Just because you're locked out doesn't mean you can't have an outdoor picnic. Besides, once the locksmith finally does arrive and you can shuttle your kids into the house, you won't have the energy to cook, anyway. As a tip you can offer the locksmith a slice of pizza or an egg roll.

Getting locked out of your house when you have kids can feel like torture. On the plus side, the wait for the locksmith gives you an opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids, or at least figure out which window they'd be most likely to sneak out of in the future. For more information on being locked out, contact a company like Broadway Locksmith Inc.